Phytochemicals are an important new trend in personal health. Although it is true that they remain a relatively new and unknown aspect of dietary concerns, there are undeniable positive effects associated with them, and they can have a profound impact on your overall physical (and mental) wellbeing. First, however, one needs to understand what phytochemicals are, how they function, and the critical importance of ingesting them on a regular basis. 

Charles Joseph Popov, the founder of Resiliency BHS and Geographia, explains what Phytochemicals can do for your health.

What Are Phytochemicals?

Simply put, phytochemicals are found in plants; they are the chemicals that are responsible for the key elements that individualize the common fruits and vegetables we eat each and every day, says Charles Popov. They play a role in these foods’ physical appearance in addition to how they taste and smell. Phytochemicals are also considered active in a biological sense and they perform other duties for plants; chief among such duties is a form of protection against infection and disease, helping keep plants healthy. There is a direct correlation between how phytochemicals keep plants healthy and how they can keep humans healthy in a variety of ways.

Immune System Support

In terms of day-to-day living, phytochemicals can provide much-needed assistance to the human body in terms of boosting the immune system, says Charles Popov. The simple process of ingesting the fruits and vegetables rich in phytochemicals such as carrots, red peppers, and strawberries, can go a long way in terms of helping you stay healthy and be considerably less susceptible to minor illnesses.

Protection Against Physical Diseases

In addition to the basic form of protection granted by a strong and healthy immune system, phytochemicals also play a role in lowering an individual’s risks for more serious and life-threatening physical diseases, notes Charles Popov. Studies have shown a positive trend towards the ingestion of foods containing phytochemicals and a reduced chance for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Protection Against Mental Diseases

While the protection that phytochemicals provide for physical diseases is a significant positive factor, the benefits do not end there. Phytochemicals can also help individuals lower their chances for mental diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, further demonstrating their essentiality as a key component of a healthy diet.

Final Thoughts from Charles Popov

Aside from all of the aforementioned health benefits associated with phytochemicals, the bigger picture concerning their importance as a crucial part of every individual’s diet revolves around what foods contain them. The foods that contain the highest amounts of phytochemicals are, uncoincidentally, extremely healthy choices in their own right and as such are a massive benefit unto themselves, says Charles Popov.

Aside from phytochemicals, these fruits and vegetables contain many other essential nutrients, and, should an individual choose to incorporate more of them into their diet, there will be a variety of positive health effects, everything from losing weight to being in better shape, having an improved personal image, having larger amounts of energy, and more, is all a potential result of consuming foods that contain phytochemicals. Considering the plethora of previous benefits associated with them, it is only natural to view phytochemicals as a must-have in anyone’s diet.

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