Charles Popov, Founder of Resiliency BHS and Geographia

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Charles Popov’s education and certifications focus on individuals who are in crisis and individuals who require specific counseling. In addition to his education, he has his Certification as a Nutritional Therapist and earned his Certificate NAFC / CCOTS Clinical Sexual Offenders (sex offenders assessment and treatment), and PTSD certified (Post Traumatic Stress Certification, United States Navy).

Over the past twenty years, Charles Joseph Popov has strived to serve others with his unique style of addressing issues and providing solutions to meet goals. He will continue to provide a positive impact on those who seek his assistance for many years to come. Keep up to date with his latests media articles, interviews & blogs.

Interview - Charles Popov

In his practice, he draws from his life’s adverse experiences to empower his patients with practical solutions.

Licensed Addictions Counselor and Certified Nutritional Counselor Charles Popov Shares 5 Tips to Bounce Back from Failure and Thrive
Thrive Global

Failures are inevitable, and although most individuals are met with an undeniable sense of disappointment, making the wrong decisions also play a fundamental role in personal growth.

Fallen soldier with ‘craziest laugh’ honored by comrades
Stars and Stripes

FORWARD OPERATING BASE McHENRY, Iraq — It was a goofy, infectious laugh, so strange and arresting it almost sounded cartoonish.

Chaplain guides tight-knit battalion through tough times

HAWIJAH, Iraq – Chaplain (Capt.) Charles Popov knew something was wrong when he heard his name called over the “big voice” loud speaker.

Interview - Charles Popov

The Founder of Resiliency BHS and Geographia, Charles Joseph Popov has dedicated himself to helping others. First, he served in the military as both an enlisted man and later a commissioned officer..

charles joseph popov on war and marriage

While any normal marriage or long-term relationship will experience its ups and downs, it is a special case for those coming from a military background and even more so when returning from war…

IRAQ: An Army chaplain tends his flock on the frontlines.
Los Angeles Times Blog

A television documentary set for broadcast Wednesday on the Military Channel explores the role of an Army chaplain in helping soldiers endure the danger and dreariness of a 15-month deployment in one of the more dangerous parts of Iraq.

JIMMY SMOTHERS: Former Army chaplain still has ‘flock’
The Gadsen Times

He once was the subject of a television documentary (You Tube Chaplain Popov God’s Soldier) that was broadcast over the Military Channel, and about the same time stories about him were published in some of the nation’s larger newspapers.